Help! My computer won't stop beeping!

You must be on Linux. Run the command beep to get it to stop.

I'm too lazy to do the math for tuplets, is there a cheat sheet I can use?

Keep in mind that the value you write for your note is how many of those notes fit into a 4/4 measure. This cheat sheet should help, though.

Note 8-Beat
Quarter Triplet 6
Eight Triplet 12
Sixteenth Triplet 24
Thirty-Second Triplet 48
Sixty-Fourth Triplet 96

Your web page looks different in my browser!

I know this. This web page will appear properly in Firefox 3 and Safari 3. The new version of Opera should allow me to make it represent correctly in there too. This page won't look perfect in IE7 or 8, and it definitely won't show up properly in IE6. It is usable across all these browsers, differences are graphical inconveniences.