8-Beat is a music creation system that allows you to express music in plain text and play it through your PC speaker (the thing that beeps inside your computer).

8-Beat is a flexible language. It is almost entirely case insensitive, many pieces of syntax may be omitted for brevity, and it provides many ways of doing the same thing. For example, there are many ways of providing octave change directives to 8-Beat. These range from hardcoded octaves attached to notes, to octave = 5, even to the extremely terse +.

8-Beat comes with snippets from several popular songs.

To get started learning, check out the Basic Tutorial

Click here to download the program for Windows or Linux. Instructions on how to run the program are contained in the README.txt file inside.

If you have a song you'd like to submit to the project, please email it to mock.brian@gmail.com with 8-Beat in the subject.